Let’s Talk Finance™ one day workshop

This workshop is ideal for:

Those from a non-financial background but who have touchpoints with the financial side of the business

You think of yourself as “not a numbers person”.

Accountants and bookkeepers who are keen to provide more value to the clients and
business colleagues that they support, through being able to speak the language of non-accountants.

Business owners, leaders, managers and board members who know finance isn’t their strong point.

People who feel vulnerable because they don’t know what all the accounting terms mean.

Those who don’t know the right questions to ask when it comes to the numbers.
Visual and hands-on learners.

What’s different about the
‘Let’s Talk Finance’ workshop?

This is financial literacy training done very differently using the unique Colour Accounting Learning System™.

It’s a fun and interactive workshop — it’s not a seminar.
I use colourful visual diagrams to assist the learning process.
I use plain English to explain the concepts.
We work through examples with a fun, hands-on activity.
I cap the group size at 12 to make it small and intimate.
I create a safe space to ask questions.
You’ll receive group and one-to-one coaching from me.
You’ll achieve enhanced learning outcomes

Who said accounting can’t be fun? It certainly was for me today thanks to the brilliant  Debbie Millard and her awesome workshop.

I have felt fear when faced with a balance sheet, the numbers swimming before my eyes as I struggle to make sense of it. Well no more! I have a new sense of confidence, well equipped with the foundational principles that underpin assets, liabilities, equity, revenue and expenses.

Tania Broome Miller-Jones Mechanical Rock

Enterprise DevOps and Transformation Lead

Deb’s approach to showing us how to ‘read our numbers’ is unique.

Rob & I attended Debbie’s Let’s Talk Finance in May 2023, as small business owners. The deliberate small group gave us all time to ask questions when unsure. Four months on, we are confidently assessing, revising and planning according to being able to understand our financial reports so much more. Thanks Deb! Highly recommend.

Mavis Carruthers

WestOz Water Filters

My aim is that everyone walks away with their learning outcomes met.

Keeping the group size small means that I can give everyone personal attention and ensure that everyone feels comfortable to ask me any questions, however silly they may seem.

Debbie Millard

What will you walk away with?

More confidence around the numbers side of the business;
A much better understanding of accounting terms and concepts in plain English.
An understanding of the importance of the balance sheet and why you need to be looking at it regularly.
How the profit and loss account, balance sheet and cash flow statement work together. 
An understanding of the distinction between profit and cash.
Enhanced knowledge of basic accounting transactions including depreciation.
The ability to read the accounts and interpret the story that the numbers are telling you.
Confidence to ask more questions of your accountant or bookkeeper.

How much will it cost?

Full day open workshop only $750 + GST per person.

Concessions are available for small not-for-profits at $500 + GST per person. In-house private workshops as quoted   




“Debbie provided the board at Orana House a great workshop on understanding the charities financials. Including reading our profit and loss report and balance sheet, essential needs of any board member. Most importantly she made it easy to understand with an interactive style. Thank you Debbie”

– Sarah Bass, Board member Orana House

Let’s have a chat

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“I love learning by doing. It’s so refreshing to do a workshop where I didn’t have to endlessly take notes, because the focus was learning about systems and concepts rather than content. The BaSIS exercise was terrific.”

— Nick Maclaine, CircuitWest Inc  

“An effective and fun way to tackle a difficult and potentially boring subject. I think this was very good- the tactile nature of the board “game” activity fitted the bill.”

— Tadhg MacCarthy, Business Coach   

“Debbie recently coached us through a financial literacy workshop. The extent of her knowledge is vast, but she tailors the experience for each participants' needs. She is very personable and created a safe space for us to engage with the material, to question and reinforce learnings. She has this knack of cutting through to the core of what's going on, supporting you to find your own clarity. Highly recommend Debbie and her workshops.”

— Kylie Panckhurst, Principal Legal Adviser  

dhm Coaching & Consulting as a licensee of Wealthvox TM is licensed to facilitate Let’s Talk Finance TM using the Colour Accounting Learning System TM