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Taking the mystery out of numbers so you can run a better business

Does this sound like you?

You’re a business owner, leader, manager or board member who has financial responsibility, but you feel awkward and embarrassed around the numbers side of business.

You’re struggling to understand the accounts or manage the financial aspects of your role — you’re not even sure which questions to ask.

This lack of understanding is impacting your confidence and ability to make informed decisions and it’s compromising your business results.

Maybe you’re a new or emerging CFO who wants to influence your organisation in the most powerful way possible.

If that’s you I can help

You won’t be scared of the numbers anymore!
You’ll have more confidence to talk about numbers
You’ll clearly understand your organisation’s financial position, knowing what to look out for and the key questions to ask.
You’ll be able to make informed financial decisions that steer you towards better outcomes and increased profitability.
You’ll have a constructive relationship with your accountant and/or bookkeeper because you’re now speaking the same language and share a common understanding.
You’ll be in a position to provide strong financial leadership to your organisation.

Finance did not come naturally to me, in fact I felt like I could break out in hives with the lack of knowledge and confidence I have in the subject.

I would recommend this course to anyone who is struggling to make sense of accounting and finance language and would like to become more confident in their financial decision making.

Valecia McDonald

Kellerberrin Community Resource Centre

I had such an amazing day with Debbie at her Colour Accounting workshop.

Finances have long been a nebulous area for me and I have never felt confident or in control of my business’ financial situation. I now have a clear understanding of balance sheets, profit and loss statements and cash flow management. I feel empowered and in control of my finances!

Kate De Jong

Founder, Inspired Business

I for one didn’t want to admit I did not have a clue how to interpret a balance sheet.

Thanks to Debbie and this fabulously interesting and fun way of learning accounting, I am now able to do this with confidence.


Business Owner

It was an absolute joy to chat to her about financial jargon and demystifying the balance sheet.

After meeting Debbie at two AICD events, I noticed she was running an online workshop and so I signed up for a new year financial literacy refresher. I loved her visual prompts and her ability to bring it all together for real world (and personal application). She genuinely cares about her learner experience and brings so much experience and joy to the conversation. I would attend anything she ran as I’m sure I will walk away with more knowledge!

Lara Ellson

For years, I have been wanting to step into the business analysis space, however I didn’t think that I had enough knowledge.

Working with Debbie has made me recognise that I do have the skillset and ability. She has given me the confidence to back myself, along with some useful tools to take the leap into this space.

Debbie has a way of simplifying the accounting jargon and explaining it in a simple manner. I highly recommend and just wish I had come across this workshop sooner. Thanks Debbie.

Fiona Mitchell

Debbie led one of the best courses I have attended in a long time.

She’s very knowledgeable and explains complex things according to the level of the audience. I look forward to a future session!

Jorge Quezada

Debbie is a fantastic presenter.

Her material was relevant to my small business and she answered my questions clearly. Her examples and explanations of the course content were easily understandable. I cannot wait to attend more sessions with her – I honestly got some much out of this 1 day workshop and can’t wait for the next one.

Collette Priestley

Want to know more?

Attend an introductory
1-hour online information session:

Make friends with your numbers

If you’d like to feel more comfortable with accounting jargon and understand the balance sheet
as well as the profit and loss account, join me for a FREE introductory session.

In this short session you’ll be introduced to the Colour Accounting Learning System ™
— the unique, highly visual, colourful and conceptual approach to financial literacy.    

I make accounts easy to understand if you have a non-financial background and I
create a safe space for you to ask what you might think is a ’silly’ question.
Available on-line.  

Lets Talk Finance™️ one day accounting course

To run a successful business, you need to have your finger on the pulse with your numbers.  

This accounting course will give you the financial knowledge, tools and insight to make informed decisions so you can lead your business to greater levels of success and profits.   

  • Make greater sense of the numbers.
  • Make informed financial decisions. 
  • Create better business outcomes. 

I bet you didn’t think
accounting could be fun?

Well it turns out, it can!

“There are not many people who can make
finances for non-financial people a fun and interesting topic.”
– Jane Chilcott, CEO, Linkwest

This is financial literacy training done very differently using the unique Colour Accounting Learning SystemTM.  It’s an interactive, engaging and fun one-day workshop with a small and intimate group, creating a safe space to ask questions. 


You can attend either an open workshop or I can deliver an in-house workshop specifically for your organisation.

Available face to face and on-line. 

Download Let’s Talk Finance E-Brochure

Customised Financial Literacy Training and Accounting Courses   

I can tailor my business financial literacy training to the needs of your organisation in bespoke workshops and accounting courses that: 

  • Suit the time you have available.  
  • Address topical issues within your specific sector.  
  • Explore your organisation’s actual financial statements.  
  • Empowering your leaders with the confidence to make decisions based on the numbers.

dhm Coaching & Consulting as a licensee of Wealthvox ™ is licensed to facilitate Let’s Talk Finance ™ using the Colour Accounting Learning System ™   

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