Leading people
leading finance

Business Coaching ・ Strategic Planning ・ CFO Consulting・ Financial Literacy Facilitation

Leading people
leading finance

Business Coaching ・ Strategic Planning ・ CFO Consulting ・ Financial Literacy Facilitation

Great leaders and good finance are at the heart of any successful business.

I equip and empower leaders and owners of small to medium enterprises (SMEs) with the financial knowledge, tools and insights to build a more resilient and profitable business.  

Welcome to dhm Coaching & Consulting with Debbie Millard.

My clients refer to me as the ‘friendly face of finance’. But numbers are only part of my story. I’m a people-person who happens to do numbers, helping you to lead a better business through strong leadership, putting the strategy in place, building a great culture, empowering people and of course robust financials.

I bring to you my 30 years of experience in professional services, business finance management, executive leadership, governance and coaching to support the success of your business.

I will support you through strategic planning, business coaching, CFO consulting and boost your financial literacy with accounting courses in Perth.

Debbie is multi-talented and has had to employ many of her talents to help us out in a time of great need

I would happily recommend Debbie as a great coach and think her multiple talents and skills would be a great addition to any organisation trying to improve their leadership abilities.

Chris McLoughlin

Managing Director Greenbase Pty Ltd

Debbie is incredibly generous with her time and very passionate about helping small businesses be the best they can

She was a huge catalyst for change for us and set the wheels in motion and ignited my fire to solve the problems she so effortlessly provided solutions to. What I admire most about Debbie is her honest and genuine approach to consultancy. She also has an extensive network and provided a variety of intros to assist us in different areas of business.

Monique Boucher

Founder Hidden deTours

Debbie led one of the best courses I have attended in a long time.

She’s very knowledgeable and explains complex things according to the level of the audience. I look forward to a future session!

Jorge Quezada

Thankfully, Debbie came along a few months ago and has been having a big impact.

We are a 55 year old family business and have grown significantly in the past ten years. This has come about through a strategic focus on sales, marketing, HR and operations, however, we hadn’t taken a strategic approach to finance.

With Debbie’s excellent coaching and understanding of what it means to grow from a small business to a medium sized entity when it comes to reporting, financing, policies, systems and risk, we are now in excellent shape and can move forward knowing that we a strategy and guardrails in place. It has been a real pleasure to work alongside Debbie to draw on her insights and to observe the empathy that she shows when working alongside the long term members of our finance team.

Stephen Armstrong

CEO, Pacific Automation

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Does this sound like you?

You’re a business owner or leader who is stuck ‘on the tools’ and you’re too busy to step back and look at the bigger picture.

You’re not a numbers person.
You’re struggling to understand the accounts or manage the financial aspects of the business or of your role.
This lack of understanding is impacting your confidence and your ability to make informed decisions, compromising your business results.
There are issues within your leadership team, or maybe you don’t even have a leadership team.
Succession planning is non-existent or unresolved.
You need a sounding board and financial guidance to make key strategic decisions in your business.


Debbie DHM Coaching & Consulting

After working with me you will…

Feel confident and empowered around the numbers in your business.

Clearly understand your organisation’s financial position.
Make informed financial decisions that steer you towards better outcomes and increased profitability.
Be able to step off the hamster wheel and grow your business because you
have the strategic plan, leadership, people, processes and systems in place.
Have the time to regularly work on the business, not just in it.
Trust your people— your team is empowered to perform their roles.
Have a clear vision for the business and your succession plan.

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Why Debbie of
dhm Coaching & Consulting?

Because I’m not a boring accountant.
I’m proud to say that others have said I have too much personality to be an accountant! I know how to talk to you about numbers in a way that makes sense.
I know what i’m talking about as evidenced by: 

25 years as a Chartered Accountant

10 years professional services experience as an auditor with one of the Big 4 professional advisory firms, across the UK and Australia. Involved with hundreds of businesses, their people and their accounts.

15 years in executive leadership within one of West Australia's largest family businesses, leading a team of up to 40 people across the finance and corporate services functions.

12 years of strategic governance experience as a non-executive director of several not-for-profit organisations, which means I see the bigger picture and I understand the not-for-profit sector.

I’m a qualified and experienced coach which means I am not going to lecture or patronise you. I create a safe space to partner with you and your business for success.

A holistic understanding of business. I know what it’s like at the ‘coal face’ of business leadership and I understand the specific nuances of family business.

Facilitator for the Australian Institute of Company Directors Company Directors Course 
Adapt By Design Resilient Business Coach Partner ™ 
Licensee and Facilitator of the Colour Accounting Learning System ™

Finalist in the WA Telstra Business Awards

My achievements in business were recognised
as a Finalist in the WA Telstra Business Women’s Awards. 

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Reach out for a FREE discovery call so we can see if we’re a good fit to work together.