Making friends with finance

by | Jan 27, 2021

Cross eyed and confused by numbers?

As the Leader or Owner of a business you need to be on top of your numbers to enable informed and timely decisions when building the foundations for a resilient business. Following on from the 5 Key Financial Questions we started with last week, here are another 5 that I invite you to consider:
  1. What are the biggest financial risk factors facing the business?
  2. What are the main drivers of profitability?
  3. Does your accountant talk to you in language that you understand?
  4. How are profits distributed? How is the funding of business growth balanced against the financial needs of the Owners?
  5. As the Owner, are you paying yourself a market salary? If not, what does that say about the long-term viability of the business?
If this has highlighted any areas of concern for you, or you simply feel self-conscious because you find numbers difficult to grasp, you may want to reach out for some guidance.Debbie is the friendly face of finance! Very much a people person that happens to do numbers. She coaches business owners and leaders to demystify their numbers, and build the foundations for a resilient business.She has 30 years experience across professional practice and large entrepreneurial private business. Credentials include Chartered Accountant, CFO, GAICD, Executive & Organisational Coach and Telstra Business Women’s Award Finalist.

Written By Debbie Millard

Master your business through strong leadership, knowing your numbers and empowering your people

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